We're the inventors of the original Loomey Time Watch (patent pending) for Rainbow Loom®bracelets! These unique watch accessories are designed specifically to attach to Rainbow Loom bracelets to make cool wrist watches.  Thanks for visiting our website, and I hope you like our products as much as my kids and their friends.

The Loomey Time Watch was invented by me, Mike Rosenblum, with the help of my two daughters, Anna and Ashley (our dog Daisy helped a little bit by "cleaning up" the rubber bands all over the floor).  And my wife, Beth, thinks we're all crazy but is a big supporter and helps a lot with the business.

When I saw my kids and their friends having a blast making Rainbow Loom bracelets, I loved the product immediately.  I couldn't help but think about what other unique accessories could be ideal to incorporate into the Rainbow Loom bracelets.  After spending months on the design, prototypes, testing with my kids and their friends, the Loomey Time Watch was born.  Today, Loomey TIme watches are sold in hundreds of stores across the USA and also in Canada, Mexico, Israel, France, Austria, Germany, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, even New Caledonia, and soon in many more countries. 

We hope you love our products!  Let us know by emailing us: info@loomeytime.com



Loomey Time watches contain small parts. 
Warning: choking hazard, not suitable for children under 3 yrs. 
Rainbow Loom® is a registered trademark of Choon Designs, LLC

A Few words about quality and product safety

About Loomey Time, LLC:

We have done extensive testing with 3rd party laboratories to confirm our products are free of harmful chemicals such as lead and phthalates, and that our products meet the current Consumer Product Safety Requirements for Children's Toys.

There are cheap copies of our Loomey Time watches on the market that have not been tested to current safety standards.  Please look for the Loomey Time logo to know you are buying the original.

There have been many news reports recently about knock-off Rainbow Looms, bands, and accessories, and the fact that many of these cheap copies do not meet current safety standards for children's products.  At Loomey Time LLC, we take quality and product safety very seriously.  Original Loomey Time watches are latex-free, and the watch holders are made of safe, high quality silicone.