Loomey Time watches are easy to attach to your Rainbow Loom bracelets.  That's what they're made for!  The silicone watch holders have 3 holes on each side, perfectly sized and spaced for looping on your rubber bands.  Your crochet hook will fit right through the hole in the stretchy material to pull through the rubber bands.  SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO TUTORIALS.

IMPORTANT TIP: Be careful not to use too much force and stretch the silicone too far.  This can cause a tear in the silicone holder.  A good technique is to pull the rubber bands through the holes first, before attaching them to the posts of your loom. 

First set up your loom with the desired bracelet pattern and before looping:

Loomey Time watches contain small parts. 
Warning: choking hazard, not suitable for children under 3 yrs. 
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Instructions for Loomey Time watches, how to attach them to Rainbow Loom bracelets:

More tips to connecting your Loomey Time to a Rainbow Loom Bracelet:

Loomey Time watches can be connected to almost any type of pattern.  Generally, bracelets with a wide shape (like a watch band) look the best.  Some of our favorite patterns for the Loomey are the Triple Band, Starburst, Ladder, Feather, Zippy Chain, and Confetti Criss-Cross.

We recommend the videos available on the official Rainbow Loom Instructions page: http://www.rainbowloom.com/instructions.

First place your bands onto the loom for the pattern you're making.

When you turn the loom around, the Loomey is attached when you start "looping" the bands.



Our friend Ally made this great video.  Check out her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AllysBracelets

The original Loomey Time tutorial starring Anna and Ashley:

Made by Mommy shows how to attach a Raindrops pattern.  Check out her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mbmcrafts
How to attach a Starburst pattern to a Loomey Time

"The Loom Girl" has made an excellent video on attaching a double-triple band to a Loomey Time.  Check out her awesome YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/theloomgirl

Gently push your loom hook through the holes. 

Then, loop the bands to create the bracelet. 

...onto each of the loom posts.

Next pull the rubber band loop ....

...through each of the 3 holes

Pull the rubber bands... 

New video from Tutorials by A on using the Monster Tail loom to connect a Loomey Time.  Check out her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialTutorialsByA